Welcome to my site.

My name is Pavlína
and this website covers my life, work and interests.

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A couple of words for the beginning

Today's turbulent times marked by the moral and economic crisis are also the times of re-evaluating many priorities. A woman is able and should hold the position, which belongs to her. Even in the past, women were able to give the world many good ideas and a lot of women's wisdom. Their prerogative is to be a guardians of life itself, which has always had an irreplaceable place.

My personal goal is to inspire and motivate women in their self-consciousness, that they are the bearers of beauty and values.

Areas of my interest


Starting from the theoretical concepts of integrating economy with history, technology and financial systems, trough the integration of financial sector in the EU, to processes of economy humanization in the global economy.


In addition to professional publications, I wrote a dual language illustrated book for children and now my novel is beeing finalized for publishing.


I can play several music instruments, recorded a few songs and music videos and finally published a music CD.


Through the participation in several World Missis beauty contests I try to inspire and motivate women around the world. I want them to find a position in their life, where they feel great and safe